The company More Nautika d.o.o. from Šibenik is specialized for the service and maintenance of all types of boats and marine equipment.
The company was founded in 2020 in Šibenik, where it is situated, but we operate in the whole area of ​​Dalmatia. You can find us in Marina
Mandalina in Šibenik. The company is owned by longtime co-workers and colleagues who were worked together and picked up working experience together. They have decided to go into
a joint venture because they have the same vision for the future and the same life values.

When you entrust your boat to our team, be carefree because it is taken care of by a team with over fifteen years of experience in
maintaining and servicing boats and marine equipment. We are aware that our biggest advantage is our experience and specialized knowledge
in that field of service. We enjoy in a lot of confidence given by numerous and we are very happy and immensely grateful that they recognize our qualities and advantages.
We are very focused to the job and appreciate every opportunity to show our knowledge and experience.

Goran Pilipac, CEO and co-founder / 099 484 4560
Miso Djurica, CEO and co-founder / 091 162 6478


Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1

Marina Mandalina

22000 Šibenik

OIB 65723100883





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